BJJ Day 1 June 8, 2020 – Posted in: BJJ

If I get around to formatting this so it’s all pretty, yay! Till then…

Today marks the first day of starting my road training with BJJ. I found a great school and a fantastic teacher. I’d been toying with it for a quite a while, and last week I’d pretty much decided to pull the trigger, and this week, when I heard there was a beginning class tonight, I decided to go. I’d thought maybe I’d go Thursday, just to prep more mentally, but then realized that was silly and I just needed to go.

The class was very relaxed and informative, and I felt like I got a lot out of it, even if I had to go incredibly slow on everything. It was nice to be around everyone who also just wanted to learn but was willing to help out “the new guy” and let me be clumsy and slow.

I hardly know the names for anything yet. Aside from some forward and back rolls (which were right out of the judo training from dad when I was little), we did something called shrimping, which is a little weird. And then the only thing I can describe as reverse shrimping. I dont remember what that’s called.

Started off learning an escape with an opponent in the mounted position. Grab the wrist. Grab the tricept. Pop the hips and twist, and they roll surprsingly easily. I’m sure in competition / combat, it’s not nearly so clean or simple, but it was really easy to see how little effort is needed, relatively speaking, especially since I was paired with a guy a little bigger than me, and I’m 6’2″.

Then we did a sidemount (I think) escape that involved the shrimping. (yay integration!) that eventually ends up with your legs locked around them that gives you more options. I wish I could remember exactly where the hands went. Oh well. Next time 🙂

Then we built that move into a choke with the gi. I initially grabbed the collar too low. You’re supposed to aim for the tag in the back. Touching fingers. Doesnt’ take a lot to choke someone out.

Last, an arm submission from a mounted position (and then a choke if that failed / the other guy shrimped). This was funny because the instructor caught himself a little into it, realizing this was my first day, and he said “I don’t ever teach any of these to a new person their first day” so I guess I put him at enough ease / trust he felt I wasn’t going to go bananas trying them on my partner. That was good.

Anywho, after that, the more advanced students (all white belts) did some light sparring / drill against the instructor, one at a time, to try their stuff. I just watched, and tried to understand what was going on / what they were trying.  It looked fun, whereas before, I was (and still am a little) apprehensive about sparring. I know I’ll get “destroyed” at this point by anyone, and I don’t mid that, but I want to come out of the experience(s) feeling at least a smidge better than I was before. Little bricks make a massive wall, and all.

Can’t wait to go back 🙂