BJJ Training Day 2 June 11, 2020 – Posted in: Uncategorized

I was quite excited to go back for day 2 of training. I watched some fundamental video before hand, did some drills I could on my own. When I got to class, the instructor had my gi waiting, which was an awesome surprise.

Warm up drills felt a little more natural and easy, mostly the same as before. Rolls. Shrimping. And then we moved right into a hip throw from standing position, after which, we did a variant where you drop to your knees and basically curl forward so your opponent is really forced over. It’s not a common move, apparently, but very effective if the stars align. The danger is, if you don’t pull it off, you can find yourself in trouble.

After that, we got paired off to do some guard drills. I was put with the blue belt in the room, which I was hoping for. The first exercise was if someone was leaning their weight on your chest / neck, push the elbow so they slide sideways, after which, go for a choke (or whatever you can). Since I sorta kinda know all of 2 submissions, (one choke, one arm lock) I was pretty much just going for the choke. The variant to that was if they weren’t up and leaning their weight on an arm, but hugging in close, shrimping your way out while using your feet to push off their hips.

This practice went on for a while with some tweaks by the instructor. Then…(drum roll)…light sparring! That was a lot of fun. I thought I was going to be more nervous, but the blue belt was a great partner, patient, and didn’t go full pedal to the metal on me. I think he was trying to work some new things out for himself, and I did get a choke on him (he let me, I know, but he did resist enough that I “earned” it). I was surprised at how hard my heart was beating, even while trying to remain calm, and not muscle my way through everything. He did submit me in the end everytime it was his turn to go for it, but I was also surprised I stalled him out a lot longer than I thought I would. He showed me a way to duck under and break a grip (choke defense) that I used a couple of times, much to his genuine surprise (Hey, I just taught you that… Yeah, yeah you did. Thanks!).

Even through I knew I was in a losing battle, I was trying to understand where my body was, where my weight was, and the same with him. Definitely more than once I thought if I had a few more tools, certain situations could go my way, but I’m quite toolless, obviously.

Anyway. I can’t wait to have something else to try.  I did forget about my arm lock attack. I need to remember that. Even if I can’t get it, I can at least threaten it so my opponent has to guard against that and a front choke. There was a sidemount choke, too, that never entered my mind–though I never had a side mount.

Current questions I need to work out:

-What are my goals while in someone’s guard?

-What are 2 (3?) things I can do while I have someone in my closed guard? It felt like all he was eventually doing is pulling away, and defending my front choke. So if I can’t get the choke, what else can I threaten?