BJJ Day 3 June 15, 2020 – Posted in: Uncategorized

Usual warm up, then got paired with another white belt I had been before. Guy was my height with another 20-30 pounds of muscle? Definitely outclassed there. Luls. Went over some head grab stuff that turned into leg grabs.

After that,  a closed guard attack that ends in an a kimura (I think). Hip bump / break the posture to get the opponent to go forward. Then my left hand grabs their right wrist and lock the arm out. Open the guard and hip escape, lean forward on elbow, finger 4 lock w/ monkey grip. Lean back and roll in as needed for submission.

We did that for a bit and then I got to spar some, too, which was 1 round of me holding on to the guard, which I did for the full 3 minutes to my utter surprise, and then another with me on top. I lost one. Passed the other with a grazing knee to the groin (oops 🙁 ) and we stalamated the third. I need to watch the escaping guard deals again on the YouTubes.

Little sore tonight as I write this. Hopefully, I’ll be good to go for tomorrow night. Otherwise I guess I’ll be doing back to back Wed afternoon / Thursday evening?