BJJ Day 4 June 16, 2020 – Posted in: BJJ

MAN, did I wake up super damn sore this morning.

I could barely move. I took a lot of ibuprofen, Tylenol, and aspirin (rotated) to loosen up and feel good. I almost didn’t go to class, thinking I needed to let my body rest. But by the time 4pm came, I was feeling pretty decent, and by 5:30, still a little sore, but good, so I went.

I’m so glad that I did. That said, I’m going to feel it tomorrow.

My coach (professor) asked how I was doing after a week, as in if I was sore, and I admitted I was this morning. He laughed, said that was normal, which I realize it is.

I was shown the reverse shrimp since I got there earlier. I need to practice this more. And then there was the shrimp and a half where you swing your leg back and then swing the hips around and go into a press up. Warm up stuff. On, and then the moving sideways. I’ve already forgotten how that goes. I end up standing up, though after getting to a elbow. It was hips and shoulders and then elbow or something. Maybe I can figure it out tomorrow.

Street fight drill was blocking the drunken haymaker if someone is a little aggressive, but not in a “combat” stance and just swings. Protect the head with both arms up, and lean against the swinging arm while going in close. Then wrap your arm around the waist and under the non-swinging arm (so my right under their left) and cinch up perpendicular. At that point, hug and pull their right arm in with an elbow grip with the left hand. Step a little bit out / toe in with the left foot. Sweep with the right. It’s a really simple sweep.

Point to remember with blue belts and others who can fall: THROW them. Don’t hold on. Don’t hold back. Let em go.

Then we went to back mount escapes and practice. That was really cool. Arms up and tight to protect against the choke. Sink down immediately. If able, then I can easily just extend a leg (slow, controlled) and rotate a hip and escape. Remember to grab an arm (or whatever) to help pull across.

First practice round: I was paired with a guy (redbeard, can’t remember name, kevin?) who’s a couple months into this more, shorter, stockier. He started behind me. I actually managed to not only work my way out (fighting hard), but got the sidepin.  The next time, he got me from the back. Then we had to switch. Very similar results. He got out one, and I held him one until the time ran out. Lots of fun.

Takeaways, as they shrimp and rotate out, if they don’t have my leg pinned to the floor well, I can slide up under them and restablish the hook. I feel like there’s stuff I could do with their arms / attacks to make to the collar in the meantime, too. But I’m not sure what.

From the back mount, we did a simple collar choke from the seat belt. Right hand (under) feeds the collar grip to left hand. Right hand then gets the other lapel.  Left hand draws across (like drawing a bow) and the right hand cinches down.

Escape from the seatbelt: Right arm up and head ducked in to help protect from a lock. Roll to the right side and then shrimp out (butt rotating to the outside. Once clear, get the left (inside) knee up and press on their knee to prevent the mount.

Then we did some full on sparring, starting from the knees. I got paired with Alex (?) the blue belt. He’s about as tall as me, but doesn’t weigh as much. He’s defininitely leaps and bounds over me in skill.

I survived his guard for a bit. I even managed a sidemount which ended in me choking him (I’d like to think I’m awesome, but I’m sure he wasn’t going full gas or was trying something new and I caught him). This is especially true because round 2 he had me tap out in 10-20 seconds? It was pretty funny. More or less charged and got me mounted. Round three, I still had to tap out, but I survived a lot longer. I probably stalled a full minute or so, which felt good, because he had to work for it.

Anywho, all in all, a really fun class and I’m glad I went even though around noon I was wondering if I shouldn’t.