BJJ Day 5 June 20, 2020 – Posted in: BJJ

This was actually Thursday’s class. I forgot to log. Well, I procrastinated with other things (that needed to be done) and meant to do it yesterday and forgot.


Worked on a couple of attacks (kimura variants) from the sidemount, as well as getting into the mount from the side (right knee straight up and then swing over. Don’t forget to get the hooks into the legs as soon as you can). Also did a knuckles into the collar choke from the mount.

My first training partner was another white belt, though clearly had been training more than me. I stalled him for a while, but he did tap me out at least once. I can’t remember what happened after that. We were simply doing sidemount control and escape drills.

For the actual sparring at the end, I was paired with Alex again for the first round (the blue belt). He tapped me once (surprise), and then the other time I managed to get on his back but could’t finish the choke before time ran out. I was going for the collar choke, but I really should remember the rear-naked as well. Watched a John Danaher video on it afterward. I think I should work on having three attacks from the back. The two chokes are easy enough, but I need maybe an arm lock in case they give me one to round it out. I feel like someone more skilled would’ve finished it off as I had the position locked up, but time ran out.

After a brief pause, second round, coach threw me back in against another white belt. This guy was a lot bigger than me again, but not the worst. Maybe 25 lbs or so? A little shorter. Anyway, this was a total stalemate, which I’ll take as a win, since he’s been there longer.  We were both pretty tired throughout. I ended up in his guard in the beginning and kept trying to pass. Kept my posture up and left arm pressed into his abs, staying straight. He’d grab the gi near my waist and at times the wrist, but I managed to keep him at bay. A few times I could feel him going for some sort of armlockon my right arm, but I kept the elbow close and swam it out. Eventually I was thrown and popped right into a braced side guard that totally saved me (yay chewitsu video for that little tip) and then the roles were reversed as I took him into closed guard. We fought there for a while, and I did inch my legs up his back for the armlock (need to watch this again, it didn’t quite happen?) and as he stood, I squeezed and straightened. Coach came running around to see if I was okay at the start of it since it looked like I was getting folded into the mat at first, lol. Anyway, the timer went off right as I straightened out, so I didn’t get to see if I pulled off the lock.

At the very least, it was an “almost” which was pretty awesome.


P.S. Seems I missed the leg, luls. I swung the right leg over the head when I had his right arm. It should’ve been same side leg swings over the head. So if I have his right arm (controlled / locked), swig the left leg overhead.

Also, think of the armbar as an ambush. Don’t force it. Works really well right after breaking posture. Make sure left hip (attacking leg) is higher than right