BJJ Training Day 6 June 23, 2020 – Posted in: BJJ

I’m no longer the new, new guy! Yay!

Mike (?) came back for his second class today. I met him Thursday. Good guy and BIG. I better learn technique before I’m paired with him.

Anywho, first up, some standing swimming with a knockdown if you can’t get the lead leg. It’s really easy! Grab the leg with the overhook arm (l), if it doesn’t work, drop in and pivot, put the right leg through and against their leg. Push over.

We then went to some work while sitting in guard. There was a grip break (if they take your pant leg) where you cross grab elbow, grab their sleeve, yank across and kick, which should send them off balance and also let you snake across to their side.

There was also a sort of side-hug throw / roll where inside foot goes out, outside foot goes in, both pressed against their knee (they are kneeling in your guard). Wrap one arm under and around, grab their other arm tight. Roll to shoulder and you can mount. Seems situational, but they roll easily. We also practiced some hip escapes while someone presses into a guard or mount.

For floor time, we did that where one person tried to hold the guard and the other tried to pass. I got around Mike fairly easily, especially since he’s new, new. Helps to have 5 classes on him– luls. Then I got paired with the white belt guy from before. I stalled him out a little, but he still dominated me. I did manage to swing him by and get him into a side mount, which he called shennaigans on saying he was the one trying to pass. I guess? Seems like if I’m not allowed to do anything, it’s not hard to get by.

Anyway, one thing he did show me was that I really want to go grip for grip. So if he takes my legs in a grip, I should really take his wrists so he can’t just swing my legs around. Good to remember. That, or I should’ve done the kick / grab deal.

For sparring, my first match was against Rachel (who just got her blue belt in 18 months! awesome!). I’ve probably got her by 40 pounds, at least, which definitely helped. Having just watched a “how do I roll with a girl?” etiquette video on the you tubes (timely!) I tried not to rely on strength for anything but focused on technique. I’m hardly the powerlifter, but I could quickly see how much stronger I was than her (duh). That said, she definitely wore me out!

I don’t remember everywhere we went, but I did get her in a side control, and then she ended up in my guard after I lost control. I tried an armbar and a triangle choke, but I didn’t trap the arm I had, so it didn’t work. Things were slowly going south for me there, but I did manage to sweep (yay!) and get into a mount. Again, knowing some better mount attacks would’ve finished it as I did get my knees high into her shoulders. I ended up losing that battle and went into a sidemount again after a scramble, at which point I tried a choke and ended by getting her to tap from an americana.

Chewjistu’s advice on a video about being sure to establish control before you do anything else came in really handy. After each scramble, if I landed a mount (or even just in guard) I purposefully slowed down to tighten things up, check my balance, etc.

Second sparring was against Alex (blue belt) again. I lost, eventually, but felt pretty good about making progress on him. I managed to sweep him once while in guard, which was awesome, because it really caught him by surprise. He even asked afterward if I’d trained at all before this because I managed to pull it off. So that felt good. I did almost have his back one, and had side control, briefly, once, but he’s awesome at escaping. I give any sort of space and he’s gone, which usually means I’m in trouble in a few seconds.

So, things I definitely want to remember:

  • Keep control after landing a mount from passing guard. Don’t just rush into a submission
  • Attacking legs while they are passing / trying to out of guard is awesomely effective. I do remember pushing off their legs more than once to spin me around and what not. They were obviously key to the sweep (I just sort of did that reflexively. I wasn’t looking to set it up.)
  • Blue belts spend way less energy than I do. Way, way less. I was definitely out of gas from Rachel when I lined up with Alex, and then completely wrecked after that. When he got the mount near the end, it wasn’t because I didn’t see it coming or didn’t know what to do. I was just exhuasted and was like “ah fuck it”

Can’t wait to go back thursday for round 7!