Bjj day 20…5 in a row, achievement unlocked!

So…So…sore… luls Well, bruised at least. Mid back, right side still catches a little. Must be a minor strain. Lunch’s class went a lot slower in terms of energy output, which I’m glad for. Did some scissor sweep, cross collar choke and then looping chokes from closed guard and then played with an arm bar set up. No actual sparring (only 3 students) but coach did sort of test roll with us a few times…

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BJJ Training Day 6

I’m no longer the new, new guy! Yay! Mike (?) came back for his second class today. I met him Thursday. Good guy and BIG. I better learn technique before I’m paired with him. Anywho, first up, some standing swimming with a knockdown if you can’t get the lead leg. It’s really easy! Grab the leg with the overhook arm (l), if it doesn’t work, drop in and pivot, put the right leg through and…

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BJJ Day 5

This was actually Thursday’s class. I forgot to log. Well, I procrastinated with other things (that needed to be done) and meant to do it yesterday and forgot. Anywho… Worked on a couple of attacks (kimura variants) from the sidemount, as well as getting into the mount from the side (right knee straight up and then swing over. Don’t forget to get the hooks into the legs as soon as you can). Also did a…

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BJJ Day 4

MAN, did I wake up super damn sore this morning. I could barely move. I took a lot of ibuprofen, Tylenol, and aspirin (rotated) to loosen up and feel good. I almost didn’t go to class, thinking I needed to let my body rest. But by the time 4pm came, I was feeling pretty decent, and by 5:30, still a little sore, but good, so I went. I’m so glad that I did. That said,…

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BJJ Day 1

If I get around to formatting this so it’s all pretty, yay! Till then… Today marks the first day of starting my road training with BJJ. I found a great school and a fantastic teacher. I’d been toying with it for a quite a while, and last week I’d pretty much decided to pull the trigger, and this week, when I heard there was a beginning class tonight, I decided to go. I’d thought maybe…

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