It’s the little things, really

I’m convinced studying Pixar is something every storyteller should do, regardless of how one tells a story. The attention to detail in all of that company’s final products is staggering. For example, watch the first couple minutes of Wall-E and just look at everything in the background. Everything there tells the entire backstory, as well as preps viewers for things to come. We see piles of garbage, mega ads showing the decay of the planet,…

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Permission to vomit, sir!

One thing I’ve noticed that seems true for myself as well as others first starting a new book is it’s incredibly hard to beat down the procrastination monster when he rears his ugly head. And does he ever get hungry during NaNoWriMo–most likely because he knows he can feast upon untold number of partial texts that have spoiled if they aren’t finished in the 30 days allotted. But there’s a secret defeating that little devil,…

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