BJJ day 23

Worked on closed guard stuff today, which was good. I’m getting more comfortable breaking and passing the guard, yay as well as fighting and grabbing for the collar, AND feeling good about opening the guard. For training at the end, I first paired up with Ken and again who smashed me 0-3. I’m getting better at lasting and blocking a lot of his attacks, even caused a few scrambles I didn’t quite get, but still,…

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BJJ days 21 & 22

Yesterday was some side and back mount escapes, and today was work on sidecontrol escape.  HUGE tweak that really helped. Bridge up fully then shrimp, and use arms to push/slide back onto side instead of trying to press the person off. This made it a ton easier. Got paired with Rachel and JT both days. JT yesterday went really well. Derick, almost purple belt, came up to me after class impressed, called me a beast…

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bjj day 19

Trained with Rachel again, which was really nice since my side of my back is still a little tweaky. So we went slow(er) and more technical. I like that a lot, actually to help feel and explore how things work. We trained a sweep from half guard that works really well if the person is high. I can’t remember a lot of the details (I’ll practice a few times shortly), but 2 big takeaways: get…

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bjj day 18

Worked more on chokes, learned the bow and arrow choke. Works really well, and my training partner I think cranked a rib or my side doing it, as I can feel the soreness in my right back lower rib. Ouch 🙂 Anywho, I really like this option as I can often get on the back and at least one lapel. I need to practice a lot more to make it smooth and keep control. When…

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BJJ Day 17

Class was full today! 10 peeps, plus our instructor. Apparently, last Monday was even bigger at 11.  Lots of new people. We worked on the hip bump sweep, which was awesome, as well as locking the kimura from the mount. I need to practice both more so it’s smoother. I think part of it was my partner’s shortness made it harder, luls. Anyway, definitely feeling like I’ve improved since a month ago, looking back, which…

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BJJ Days 15&16

Back to back training days (Thursday night, Friday lunch). Worked on cross collar chokes and staying on the mount. Definitely improved here some and kept from getting thrown / swept as easily. Yay. Also, I seem to be doing better under the mount as well, not exerting nearly as much fight on the light spar (we’ll see what happens when it comes to full spar) and managed a couple of sweeps vs bigger opponent. One…

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BJJ training #14 (private lesson)

First private lesson. Scored it due to the corona missed week. Really useful. Went over some guard pass, or rather, mostly setting up on the pass. Takeaways: stay off the balls of feet in the guard Stay LOW, butt to heels. Wiggle / follow when the other guy shrimps and what not Elbows tight, but on the outside of their thigh (in guard) Don’t feel bad about a “reset” into the guard if locked near…

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BJJ day 13

Submitted a way bigger guy tonight…twice! He got me…none! Yay! (this was only his 3rd class or so? but still!) Got him both times with triangle chokes. Due to his size, I couldn’t get my legs around right away, but I did remember to use one arm as a clamp, which was awesome, and used the other hand to control his head. It was an awesome threat once I had his posture broken, and then…

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BJJ Day 12

Lunch class! Yay! Much smaller (4 of us) than the typical night class, which was good. Focused completely on side control and escapes. Light sparring near the end. Points to remember is to keep the elbows tight (which I usually do), but also to hold the opponent tight at times to keep him from moving on top and protect that head. Since the power went out, I dont feel like typing a bunch again. Sparred…

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BJJ Training Days 10&11

Pretty sure I missed logging a day before, so this is now 10&11. Last thursday we did arm bars, which was good. Today, triangle choke! Yay! This apparently is going to be a staple move for me since I’ve got long legs, so it was nice to see. I can’t do it very well, but I did try it twice during sparring. Almost landed it once, had to abandon it the second time after Taylor…

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